Gordon Research Conference on Genetic Biocontrol 2024

05 June 2024

The 2024 Gordon Research Conference (GRC) on Genetic Biocontrol recently concluded, marking another successful gathering of international experts in the field. Prof. Marc Schetelig from Justus-Liebig-University Giessen delivered a notable presentation titled “Generic Markers and Temperature-Sensitive Lethal Systems for Insect Pest Control.”

This premier scientific conference focuses on advancing the frontiers of genetic biocontrol through cutting-edge and unpublished research. It features a diverse range of speakers and discussion leaders from leading global institutions, fostering rich scientific discussions and informal interactions among scientists of all career stages.
The five-day conference, held in a remote location to encourage camaraderie and lasting collaborations, included premier talks, poster sessions, and ample networking opportunities. Key sessions covered the latest developments in gene drives, genetic engineering, and microbiome manipulation, with practical insights into their application in controlling various biological systems such as insects, plants, fish, and mammals.
The GRC on Genetic Biocontrol serves as a critical platform for promoting cooperation, collaboration, and communication in the field. Researchers, public health professionals, and industry personnel engaged in genetic or biological control systems shared their knowledge, advanced research, and exchanged best practices, strengthening the community dedicated to genetic biocontrol. This conference, held in conjunction with the Genetic Biocontrol Gordon Research Seminar (GRS), continues to be a cornerstone event for those committed to the innovative and effective management of biological systems.


Link: Conference Website