March 2023

M0.1 - Consortium agreement

M0.2 - Kick-off meeting (KOM)

June 2023

M6.1 - Relevance of selected list of parameters for socio-economic analysis for the project developed tools and strategies validated

M7.1 - Plan for dissemination & exploitation including communication developed

December 2023

M4.1 - Initial bioinformatic pipeline for WP4 generation of GSS in Cc developed

February 2024

M2.1 - Amplicon sequencing pipeline developed and microbial profiles determined

April 2024

M1.1 - Sequencing for population diversity and microbiome studies completed

M2.2 - Acquisition of data for meta-analysis on ecological impacts of Bd and Bz conducted

M3.1 - Metablomics pipeline and male quality markers in Cc developed

M4.2 - Y chromosome targgeting develped and evaluated as proof-of-principle in Cc

M5.1 - Emergency-response rearing facility established and productivity assured

September 2024

M1.2 - Parameters for population dispersal studies collected

October 2024

M1.3 - Parameters for developing simulation models for Bd and Bz collected

M3.2 - FF interception protocol developed and evaluated

M5.2 - Area-tailored Cc containment strategy developed and validated

M7.2 - Reaching sufficient response and interest for the project (indicator values in DECP)